‘I wish I’d gone vegan years ago – I’ve never felt better’

It’s no longer just a millennial eating fad — the older generation is jumping on the bandwagon, too, discovers Lucy Holden It’s getting harder to escape veganism. Time was when plant-only diets were for young, idealistic world-changers. But, thanks to the popularity of initiatives such as Veganuary, there’s a new breed of meat and dairy… Read More »

'Old' Sperm Produces Healthier Offspring, Says New Study

Sperm (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Washington D.C, Feb 15: A new research finds that sperm that lives longer before fertilising an egg produce healthier offspring. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of East Anglia and Uppsala University in Sweden and shows that longer-lived sperm in an ejaculate of a zebrafish male produces offspring… Read More »