Health warning: Britons warned against fad involving washing eyes with urine according to

By | June 14, 2019

The urine therapy gained notoriety when one Youtube enthusiast, Steven Williams, claimed he has improved his vision by washing his eyes with his own urine and also claims that swilling his mouth with the urine has helped with his inflamed gums and even whitened his teeth. Williams posted these claims on his  channel and has even produced his own documentary, entitled Urine Aid. In his videos, Williams urinates into a small eye-wash cup and then drops the urine into his eyes. Williams describes the feeling of urine going into his eye

Leading pharmacist and founder of Chemist 4 U, Shamir Patel, has rubbished these claims and warns that urine in the eyes could cause infection and damage vision.

“There is no scientific evidence backing up claims that drinking urine is beneficial. Urine is made up of fluid and waste products that your body no longer needs.

When you empty your bladder, urine will exit your body through the urethra which can be home to some types of bacteria. Sometimes this bacteria can grow out of control and contaminate the urine,” said Patel.

The theories of the benefits of urine on one’s health have long been around, with some claiming that drinking your own urine could help with allergies, acne, cancer, heart problems, infections, wounds and stuffy noses. However there is no scientific evidence to support that urine therapy is at all beneficial. 

Urine is composed of fluid and waste products that your body doesn’t need. The kidneys filters excess water and cellular byproducts from the bloodstream and sends this waste down to the bladder.

Water is the main component of urine, making up 94 per cent of urine, but it also has traces of salts, ammonia, byproducts and bacteria.

Urine is not sterile and contains bacteria that could be harmful if ingested or introduced into the bloodstream.

Williams claims he has experienced better vision, brighter eyes, less toothaches and whiter teeth.

Williams explains: “Some people have claimed that they’ve thrown away their glasses after about six months so it can be a slow process.

“That’s the beauty of these little eye cups, you can put them in your pocket and every time you go to the bathroom at work, do a couple of rinses and away you go.

“And you’ll start to see a lot clearer. You’ll find that your eyes will be a lot less dry.”

In another post, he demonstrates how to use urine as a mouthwash, known as urine pulling.

Oil pulling is a method using certain oils and when swished around the mouth gets rid of toxins, but Williams claims using urine instead of oil has helped with his gum disease and tooth problems.

“After about five to six minutes it gets a very lathery texture to it. You can feel it getting thicker.

“Sometimes I have to spit a little bit out just to release the pressure in the mouth. And in about then minutes, it is like soap.

“Really thick and foamy and lustrous,” said Williams.

Patel said: “Drinking urine can introduce bacteria and toxins into your bloodstream. Pouring urine into the eyes can also introduce bacteria and toxins which could cause infection and damage.”

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