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Adult Acne Is On The Rise — & It Goes Way Beyond Surface Level – Refinery29

“While teenagers are vulnerable to depression and anxiety stemming from the condition at this developmental stage, studies show that as a group, it’s the adult population that experiences it the most,” says Keira Barr, MD, a board-certified dermatologist whose practice, the Resilient Health Institute, is dedicated to what she calls the “intimate and intricate brain-skin… Read More »

Innovating beyond the pill: the blossoming relationship between pharma and tech

“Currently health and tech don’t speak the same language,” says Erik Janssen, vice president of innovative solutions neurology at biopharma company UCB. In order to benefit from the value technology can bring to patients, Janssen believes that pharma must adapt its approach. While pharma is a heavily-regulated industry which tends to work in siloes, tech companies… Read More »