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Exactly How To Do The 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse This Nutritionist Swears By

Cleansing has become pretty trendy in the wellness world of late. While I don’t advocate juice fasts or intermittent fasting, I do believe in giving our bodies – and particularly our livers – a much-needed break. Rather than adopting an extreme regimen, my signature JSHealth three-day cleanse shows you a much gentler approach. I personally… Read More »

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6 characteristics of highly sensitive people plus exactly what helps

Highly sensitive people are often accused by others of being ‘too sensitive’.  They may be among the 1.4 billion people globally born with the trait of high sensitivity, says therapist Mel Collins who has written a new book on it Do sometimes wonder if you feel things more deeply than others? Do you know someone in… Read More »

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What Exactly Is Self-Care?

Self-care has become a popular buzzword over the last couple of years. If you look up the #selfcare hashtag on social media you’ll find almost 10 million posts, showing pictures ranging from pedicures, massages and vacations, to pizza and bottles of wine. For someone who is trying to get clear on what self-care looks like… Read More »

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