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Baby-sized Patriots blankets, pom-pom hats given to newborns at Massachusetts hospital

Newborns at the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester were cheering on the Patriots Sunday night during Super Bowl LIII. (UMass Memorial Medical Center) Newborns at a hospital in New England cheered on the Patriots as they went on to win their sixth Super Bowl championship on Sunday night. Babies at the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester were… Read More »

Who gets to decide when a 14-year-old wants to change gender? The child, the hospital, the battling parents?

In many ways, Max is a typical 14-year-old. He eschews soft music in favour of rock and heavy metal, likes to wear hoodies, giggles when he’s nervous and has a flair for drawing animals. He can be opinionated and sarcastic one moment, shy and withdrawn the next. His insecurities, however, run deeper than run-of-the-mill teenaged… Read More »