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Marijuana really DOES give women better orgasms, new study finds

Marijuana really DOES give women better orgasms: New study finds cannabis leaves users twice as likely to report sexual satisfaction Study found that marijuana use prior to sex does improve overall experience Women who smoked reported increased sex drive, more orgasm satisfaction   Differences translate to 2.13 higher odds of ‘satisfactory orgasms’ for pot users It’s… Read More »

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I Just Hit My Head Really Hard. Should I Freak Out?

Heading the ball or knocking your head against the goalpost during a game of soccer might seem like NBD. But if you’re dizzy and a bit disoriented and hope to just “shake it off” and carry on, you might be making a big mistake. About 2.5 million Americans visit the ER every year for a… Read More »

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Will rising food costs after Brexit really cause thousands of deaths?

Supermarkets have warned that certain foods could be limited in the event of a no-deal BrexitKirsty O’Connor/PA Wire By Michael Le Page There could be between 3000 and 23,000 extra deaths in the UK by 2030 because the cost of fruit and vegetables will rise so much after Brexit, warns a study that modelled the… Read More »

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